Building lightning-fast asynchronous APIs with FastAPI - Erry Kostala

Python 3 has brought on asyncio but there are still not many modules out there using it. One of the most ambitious and well-made python3 projects is FastAPI - A self-documenting, lightning-fast MVC framework that uses asyncio and python types to help developers build quickly and make APIs that keep performing as the project grows. I’m not a contributor to the project but I have used it in my previous job and loved it, and would love to spread the word as it’s still not that well-known and it’s growing!
About Erry: Senior software engineer, working for a company to save the NHS £1 billion!

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)

How I learned to stop worrying and love testing - Gabriela Valle

Originally developed as a training session to junior and mid-level developers at Gabriela’s company, this talk covers automated testing, TDD, the benefits of testing, the different types of tests, and common mistakes.
About Gabriela: A 24 yo London-based mad but enthusiastic brazilian programmer. Working in the IT industry for 3+ years with distributed systems and always hands-on with Python/Django. She’s currently working as a Senior Engineer at Spirable and finishing a CS degree with Birkbeck in the evenings.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)