Using Django to mobilise thousands of activists in a General Election - Common Knowledge

During the General Election, Common Knowledge helped mobilise thousands of people to get involved. Central to the coding was Django alongside TypeScript. The Django slogan “perfectionists with deadlines” was never more true than in the heat of a general election campaign, with a single non-negotiable deadline.
Telling the story of what was built during the campaign, Common Knowledge will let you know how this particular stack of technologies allowed rapid development, testing and improvement.
We’ll also expand on general lessons learnt with working on campaigns and within and alongside political organisations, for technologists who’d like to get involved in this sort of work in future.
Common Knowledge: Working directly with grassroots activists, we design digital tools that make radical change possible. We are a workers co-operative, a workplace that is owned and run democratically by everyone who works here.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)

Django Quiz 2019 - Adam Johnson

Adam’s annual quiz (win prizes!) - a little late due to there being no December meetup. Revise your Django basics and trivia.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)