Django signals - what, how, when and when not - Karina Klinkevičiūtė

Django signals is a way to send certain information between Django apps. I will tell what they are, how to use them, what signals are used by Django itself. But the focus will be on when you should use them and when you shouldn’t.
This talk is for everyone who is familiar with Django, and maybe for those who are not. You don’t have to know about signals beforehand.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)

Stopping online Misogyny with a browser extension - Cheuk Ting Ho

Have you ever feel excluded in online discussions? Have you had bad experiences on social media? How did you feel if you have been attacked or abused for your identity? Amnesty International’s study looked at 778 women journalists and politicians in the US and UK, and found that 7.1 percent of tweets sent to them in 2017 were abusive or problematic. So here we are, Opt-out - an open source project to stop online Misogyny: . Let’s have a look at how this browser extension help people, especially self-identified women, to opt out from abuse on Twitter.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)