Data transparency on Django with yourData - Matthew Linares

yourData is an open-source project to develop data transparency features for websites with content personalisation. For example, if a given content-stream element is rendered on the basis of a user’s personal data, we seek to display, on the element, what data is in use to the user. The aim is to improve online transparency, trust and data fluency.
In this talk I will outline the project’s ambition to create patterns applicable to Django and other frameworks.
I will then showcase how we are implementing this on our own Wagtail Django site.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)

Hiring a Personal Investigator for your app - Emanuil Tolev

This is an intro to Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We’ll talk a bit about the history of APM, look through a quick case study and walk through a simple vendor-agnostic approach to choosing an APM solution.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)