Clean Architectures in Python - Leonardo Giordani

Architectural considerations are often overlooked by developers or completely delegated to a framework. We should start once again discussing how applications are structured, how components are connected and how to lower coupling between different parts of a system, to avoid creating software that cannot easily be maintained or changed. The “clean architecture” model predates Robert Martin, who recently brought it back to the attention of the community, and is a way of structuring applications that leverages layers separation and internal APIs to achieve a very tidy, fully-tested, and loosely coupled system. The talk introduces the main ideas of the architecture, showing how the layers can be implemented in Python

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)

Strawberry: a dataclasses inspired approach to GraphQL - Patrick Arminio

Over the past few years, GraphQL has gained much traction, especially in the JavaScript world. Python is getting on board this trend with new interesting libraries. In this talk, we will see how Strawberry makes uses of dataclasses and type hints to easily create GraphQL APIs.
There’s going to be a recap of the current GraphQL libraries available for Python, what are pro and cons and which one is the best for Django. Then there’s going to be a deep dive of Strawberry, a new GraphQL library that makes uses of dataclasses and type hints.

(Unfortunately we have no slides or video for this talk)