Full clean factories - James Cooke

Strong tests are dependent on the code that manages their setup and create the instances required for each test run. In this talk, James explore some different factories available for Django and how they interact with save and full_clean. James is a server-side development contractor based in London. He works mainly with Linux, Python, vim, whiteboards and hopefully as many excellent people as possible.

Introducing django-perf-rec - Adam Johnson

django-perf-rec is a tool we developed at YPlan for performance regression testing in Django. At the PyCon UK sprints this year Adam had the opportunity to open source it, so now you can use it too! This talk will serve as a brief introduction into what it does and how we use it. Adam Johnson is Head of Devops at YPlan and author of django-mysql library. Adam has been working with Django for 3 and a half years.