A brief introduction to Kubernetes - Harish Narayanan

A brief introduction to Kubernetes and how it can help you deploy your Django application in a scalable and resilient fashion.

What we learned from building Omnifolio with Django - Charalampos Papaloizou

Charalampos will be talking what he learned while building and migrating Omnifolio, how he set up the infrastructure and important mistakes to avoid in the future. He’ll discuss problems they had with Heroku, how Cloudflare and Whitenoise can help, how they fixed performance problems, and what types of refactoring they’ve done.

Intro to Paperless - Daniel Quinn

After fighting with the process of applying for a UK visa and starting a company here, I wrote Paperless to help deal with the antiquated process of archiving probably-useless-but-just-maybe- useful documents using a simple documents scanner, Django, and a bunch of other handy utilities. The result is a web-based, self-hosted archive for all of your paper stuff. Scan it and shred it, you never need to deal with paper again.