Factoryboy: Creating data for unit tests in an easy way - Andrea Grandi

Factoryboy is a Python library that replaces fixtures, useful when writing unit tests and some generated data is needed.

What is Django Channels? - Anand Kumria

A brief glance at Django channels. What, why and where will you use them.

Heroku tour - Marco Alabruzzo

A brief introduction to Heroku: what it is, when it is convenient to use it, strengths and caveats, and how to build an application that can get the most from a cloud platform infrastructure.

Creating a custom Django Middleware - Andrea Grandi

Basic tutorial to learn about Django middlewares and how to create one.

Getting the most out of Class Based Views - David Seddon

An overview of the key features of Django’s powerful class based views, and why you should use them. Particularly suitable for Django improvers, but there should be something in there for more experienced developers too.