Django Performance Recipes - Jon Atkinson

I’ve written a lot of Django code in my career, some slow, and some fast; my aim is to share a few of the techniques you can use to go from 300ms response times to 30ms. We’ll travel up and down the stack, looking to identify, monitor and solve performance issues, while dodging those which just aren’t worth solving.

Throw away your database, use Elastic Search instead - Anand Kumria

Tornado, OpenShift and Django - Karolis Rušėnas

Migration to Django 1.8 from Django 1.6 - Som Ghosh

Pros and cons of migrating to Django 1.8 and the hurdles anyone should be prepared to face, including migrations, changes to auth models, and challenges faced with certain libraries. Som will be helped by Viren Rajput who would also address questions.